Impromptu Haircut

Sometimes my impulse to do something gets the better of me.

Dennis Curran: Terry, uh you got some, uh, hairs on your head.
Me: Yes, Denny, that’s where hair goes.
Dennis: No, they’re not the same length.  Do you think next time you could, uh, do something about that?
Me: Why wait for next time, we can do it now. Denny, get a knife.
Dennis: Why?
Me: You’re going to cut my hair.
Dennis: *With a serrated bread knife* This might hurt, uh.
Me: That’s loser talk.   Grab the hair, put the knife at the right height and start sawing.

The next minute or two can only be compared to someone with Parkinson’s carving a Tourettic turkey.  Next time I cut my hair, I’m going to be a lot more careful… to make sure Dennis Curran won’t be around for the few weeks it takes for the hairs to level out.