Dad Discovering Craigslist

My dad asked me to help him find a truck part online and we combined the skills of wading through PDFs, refining search results, and eschewing high shipping to get a price much lower than the manufacturer.  Next he asked me “where can I find used stuff online?”  So we turned to Craigslist and his skills honed from cracking open the “Penny Trader” and “Trade ‘n’ Times” for two decades came back.

“This guy isn’t legit, his photo’s from the Summit Racing Catalog”
“This guy says it’s his garage but based on the address I’m pretty sure it’s a parts dealer in Jersey City”
“This chick only has this stuff because she’s selling her husband’s stuff or because he died.  The stuff will be cheap but she has no idea  what she has”

Me: You’ve taken to this quickly.  How about we look for a used fridge to replace ours with?
Him: I will never own a used refrigerator.