Getting M11

New set releases are tough at camp as we get our cards from another vendor and Wizards releases only a certain amount of product for each store.  I wanted to up that amount as OSR would probably go through four cases of M11 in a week so I wrote to a Wizards sales agent outlining the camp’s needs, how many participants we get and a link to semi-posed pictures of kids having more fun than should be legal playing Magic.  I never got a response and with trepidation called Cyborg 1 on the release day to see what their stock was.

Me: So, how many cases did you get in?
Cyborg 1: Our initial order was 9 cases, we were expecting 2, but we got all 9.   I guess they produced more M11.

I checked with other vendors who got their usual two cases and OSR was flooded with the M11 that’d make the kids heads pop off.

Thank you, Wizards.