New Magic Options

I’m looking to expand what I sell at the OSR Magic tournament and have a few ideas.  For about 6 years I’ve sold “grab bags” that started as 3 rares, a foil, and 50 commons and uncommons for 5 dollars but abundance of cards has upped this to 7 rares, 3 foils, and 70 commons and uncommons.  Normally when I buy a collection I just skim the best cards off the top and turn the rest into grab bags which has vastly increased the quality of these to the point where they now contain planeswalkers, mythic rares, and a Mox Diamond.

To Add:

  • Dollar packs – 2 cards of each color + multicolor and an artifact and one rare ($1).
  • Color packs – 40 cards of a specific color, 5 rares, 1 foil ($5).
  • Pile of Lands – 10 lands of each basic type ($5).
  • Megapack – 35 rares, 10 of each basic land, 350 commons and uncommons, 15 foils ($20).

Now I just need to summon the hours to make these.