Slimming Domains

Domains are really easy to buy and thrilling to own.  Calling “” my own or the surfeit of ones tied to Scouting makes me feel like I’ve done something regarding a project even though I haven’t and switching hosts has kicked me into reviewing the domains I own and seeing if I really need them.

  • – Came up during a TF2 game whose context I can’t event remember, dropped.
  • – Maybe one day I’ll die and start a foundation, kept.
  • – Most Scouting events are promoted with clip art or crappy pictures.  I thought it would be useful to have a place to store stock art.  I never got the momentum behind it that I wanted as fewer people than I thought refuse to release their pictures under any sort of copyleft license.  Dropped.
  • – There was a brief period of time where I was thinking of starting a TF2 team where one’d have to be 25, have a kid, or a college diploma to join.  I still think there’s a market for such a thing, it’s simply unlikely that I’ll ever be the founder.
  • - Purchased during this incident.  I thought to drop it but it’s just too good a conversation piece.  That address now redirects to an old copy of my webpage.