More Light Painting

Sam wanted to do some lightpainting with lightsabers and my bottom driveway hosted what happened.  As with other lightpainting, the images don’t receive postprocessing.  Sam had picked up some colored wands reminiscent of usher’s wands.


I was impressed that Sam could pull off a lightpainting photobomb.

The other key item was the addition of lightsabers yielding the following simple long exposure.


This was a rare shot in this sequence where neither I fall over nor does Dave look like he's dropping the lightsaber.

When we saw how Dave was cut out from the saber wipe we opted to try to extend that.  Technique-wise, Dave stood still and I did a wash with the wand behind him.


I like how the light appears to cut a plain through him.

I probably deleted more shots than I should have but the following was the “best”.  Some had more energy to them but weren’t nearly as clean.  This should be revisited.


There was one with me taking a cell call in the middle.

After Dave left the shots got much more limited as we no longer had the 3rd set of hands.  In previous attempts at lightwriting we ran into a problem of writing backwards.  These shots came down to our ability to write backwards but a simpler solution popped up: mirror the image from left to right.


I was cool and wrote 'justice' with mine.

We’ve still got a long way to go before matching these folk but we’ll get there.