To Long Island

Normally I replace my computer every 18 months but I’ve pretty much decided to skip this cycle.  I added RAM a month or so ago and just wanted a spot more desktop space so I bought a new video card and searched Craigslist for a monitor.  For rarer items I’ll search in nearby areas like Allentown and even New York City and this was one of those cases and my extended search was rewarded with a hit in New York.  I made contact with the seller and after a bit of haggling got the price to $600.  He gave me an address which was a lacrosse store (I didn’t know there were lacrosse stores) and saw that it was in Long Island 140 miles away.  Thinking over the selection process I realized I had picked a location near a location near a location near me, which apparently adds up to 140 miles.

I left at 12:30 PM on a Saturday and arrived at 5:30 PM, averaging slightly under 30 miles per hour.  When I got there all the cables were tied up with lacrosse laces.  I asked the seller why he was parting with it:

Him: It wasn’t good for games.
Me: What was powering it?
Him: A 13″ MacBook.

The ride home was only 3 hours.  Now I just need a video card that can power it…