Mistaken Scoutdentities

I stopped by Tamanend Park to pick up a usage form for the Webelos Weekend.  Many Scout organizations use the park but, in the park’s head, it seemed like there was only one.

Me: Hi, ma’am.  I’m Terry with Playwicki District and I was told to come by and fill out a usage form.
Secretary: Oh, Jerry!  We’re sorry that you canceled your event, what can we do for you?
Me: I’m Terry from Playwicki, not Jerry and my event is still very much on.
Secretary: You want to do a new event?  Sure, one second. Paul! Jerry wants to use the park again!
Paul: Great!  What about your next event?
Secretary: He’s canceling it!
Me: No, I’m holding my event, and my name is Terry.  I’m from Playwicki, he’s from Lenape.
Paul: So you’ve moved to Playwicki?  Makes sense since you can’t get people for your events.  When would you like to reschedule for?
At this point, I’m terrified of my weekend somehow accidentally being canceled.
Me: Look at the time, I need to run, is there any other way I can make a new reservation?
Secretary: Yes, call the township office.  They can help you.