Resetting Sleep Schedules

When I have a week or two without an event at a specific time, my sleep schedule tends to drift into something like a 26-hour day with between 8-10 hours of sleep.   Now that camp was over and no fixed-time Scouting events I had drifted into going to bed around noon and waking up at 8 PM or so but needed to reset to normal hours to prepare for the work weekend.  There are two ways I’ve found of getting back: Stay up late, or sleep a while.  So, I got up early  at 5 PM, fed the animals and steled myself for my long day of trying to stay awake until 6 the next day.  I sorted cards, read, did some errands and did well until about noon when I dozed off in my chair.  I snapped out of it a few minutes later and felt like I was entering the home stretch until I woke up again… in my bed… at 8 PM.

I blame sleep faeries.