There’s a part of me with a reflexive hate of Elder Dragon Highlander because of the manner in which I was introduced to it.  There are some Magic Judges that I simply don’t get along with and one is the elder statemen of Magic for the south who, during our first meeting, I corrected him on a trivial rules point, slightly outperformed him in terms of Spanish, and refused to be a sycophant gaining me his backhand.  Such is the way of things.

Randy Booz was having a few people over to play EDH and after venting my hatred of the format he informed me that they didn’t play EDH but MCHG, multiplayer centurion highlander with generals.  Sounds fun!  I had just helped a friend assemble such a deck but didn’t have time to build one and shot to his apartment to watch the games unfold.  Upon arriving, I remembered some other reasons I couldn’t stand EDH.

  1. Your time in the game is inverse proportional to how nice you are leaving the gave in a 1 v 1 dick duel.  In this case, dicklord supreme never thanked me for my cheesecake.
  2. All generals have the flagbearer mechanic from Apocalypse whereby they have to be the first thing to die.
  3. If the first two people to lose aren’t sitting across from each other you have two people seemingly relegated to spectator in absence of additional table space.
  4. Despite being a “casual” format, players have no compunction about becoming a rules lawyer when it suits them.

The again, I barely have the patience for a two player game and the apartment was a spot warm and completely devoid of ice.  The next host lives in an igloo, maybe this will change my opinion.