Bananas Foster

Whenever I go to buy something at a liquor store, something I’ve done less than 5 times, I feel like a lost child.  I walk to the store attendant, tug on their pant leg and say “I need booze”.  I always know nearly exactly what I need to the point where I should just have a note pinned to my jacket that says “banana liquor and dark rum <3 Mom” maybe with a $50 bill under it just in case I forget how money works.  I got my alcohol and darted.

Next was the trial run at home of bananas foster, a dish revered by rum enthusiasts and camp commissioners that it is at the upper end of how much alcohol I’ll tolerate as even after ignition plus simmering 2/3rds of the alcohol remains.  In my test run at home, I ran into a problem; to get the alcohol to ignite I had to heat it, but the oven is immediately under my microwave so I’d ignite the alcohol, wait for condensation to form on the microwave and start to sizzle, remove the dish from the heat, wipe the microwave and repeat.  My expert assessment panel said it wasn’t sweet enough so I upped the proportion of butter, brown sugar and allspice by 50%.  Starting Recipe