Craigslist Sniping

I got the mattress I wanted but now sought a box spring and frame and I found a listing on Craigslist containing these items for $40.  I saw the listing had been up for only a few minutes and contacted the seller who immediately sent me a message back that the item had already been claimed by two other people.  Ok, I can understand how someone could be looking for a full bed box spring and by coincidence have beaten me to an item listed for less than 10 minutes but two seemed excessive.  When did crap for full beds become like an endangered species?  Have queen beds become so ubiquitous that the full bed is now the hatchback between the sedan and SUV, squeezed from both sides and finding solace on neither side of the war between efficiency and grandeur?  I suspect that there’s some sort of weather phenomenon correlated with mid-20s men realizing that 72″ is just too short but queen-size is too much if you’re not sleeping with someone.  I will find that front, create the first mattress futures exchange and make a mint.