Etailer Casualties

Now that I have all the pieces I need for my bed after finding a new person with a box spring I set about dressing it.  I went to K-mart, found a style I wanted and picked up a fitted sheet, king pillow case, and artificial down mattress topper which totaled around $90.  Walking towards the register I started to slow as the gears of my mind began turning at what I was doing while a gaggle of neurons shouted “NO!  STORES ARE FOR GROCERIES AND EMERGENCIES NOT HOUSEWEARS.”  I checked Amazon and found my needed items for about $25 cheaper so I put the K-mart ones back.  I walked to the door empty handed and felt bad at having used their retail space more as a catalog than store and tried to come up with a way to thank them but nothing came to mind.  K-mart needs an e-commerce pity tip jar.