Driving to Dallas… Again

After a lunch of tacos of questionable authenticity and diagnosing the world’s quietest desktop computer fan I was off to do the short 600 mile drive to Texas.  I was quite tired as despite being in bed for 8.75 hours, my host’s three-legged cat was being attacked by the cross-eyed ancient cat who periodically fought with the blinds.

Driving south, I crossed Oklahoma and thought they deserved a shout-out for traffic design.  Oklahoma’s roads aren’t amazing, nor wide, nor even well marked but one thing they get right is speed limit placement.  PA will have a 65 MPH road under construction with a 45 MPH sign that suddenly appears.  At the end of the construction zone, there’ll be no sign to resume the previous speed unless it coincides with an already posted one.  Oklahoma will gently reduce the speed limit from 75 to 55 or 45 at such a rate that a sedan can comfortably drift to the appropriate speed.  At the end of the slowdown from either a town or construction, the speed signs will quickly get back to 75 or 65.

Thank you, Oklahoma.

Otherwise, the drive to Dallas was dull and I arrived at the hotel without incident.  There were four people in one room:

Justin: Who wants the floor?
Me: No one.  These are queen-size beds, we could have two people play a game of Risk on the bed.  If you don’t want to sleep in the same bed as someone, you get to be on the floor.
Justin: Well, I’ll just take the chair then.
Cody: What, you don’t want to share a bed with someone who’s in-game name is “Spooner”?