Dallas Pano and Meeting People

The day in Dallas was just as I like them to be; we walked around, talked, and ate.


I want little else except if there’s something very compelling to see.  We went to an art museum which would have closed in 90 minutes so we simply waited for the rest of our party in the atrium which acted nicely as a softbox.  Later, we walked to dinner and Dallas’s skyline was illuminated.


Along the way there were more specific spots that looked better:


I was tempted to use content-aware fill to remove the top of Dallas’s head but I’m leaving  it there as a polite reminder that doing the work in-frame is better than spending time in post.

We retired to the hotel room and two of my least favorite activities started, watching a movie and playing Scrabble.  I’m not terribly good at Scrabble in the grand scheme of things but I do little things like spell out letters and such resulting in the word “ens” being contested with far more vigor than I expected.  Movies encourage non-talk which is, to me, a waste of everyone’s time.  The movie was “The Protector” which is about a dude defending elephants.  The movie featured something very real in that its combat [non-sequitor link] largely consisted of dick punches.  Community came through counting the dick punches, anticipating tropes, and coming up with dick-based slogans.  This was followed by watching Jet Li in “Fearless” which features no documented dick punches.  Maybe that’s a way to identify the quality of a martial arts movie.