New Bed

Full Mattress – Girl in Sellersville – Free
Box Spring and Frame – Couple near Villanova – $40
Pillow and Blanket – Already Owned
Pillow Top Mattress Cover and Fitted Sheet – $32

I got my new bed parts in today and was going to assemble everything before I faceplanted for the evening.  I put up the frame, put on the box spring, put on the mattress, added the topper and sheet, and was incapable of going across my room.  The full mattress is 53″ wide leaving me 9″ between my bureau and bed.  The mattress is 2 inches wider than the space between my treadmill and the wall.  Time for some engineering.  Solutions:

  1. Lift up deck of treadmill.  Too much work.
  2. Go back to old bed.  NO.
  3. Get bed frame form Ikea.  No money.
  4. Construct custom bed frame using old textbooks and and a wood plank as an elevating offset that will kill me if I roll the bed off of it.  Done.

I like my new bed.