Back to PA

Driving from Chicago to home with a stop in Fort Wayne was dull, except the stop in Fort Wayne.  It’s a route I’ve done before a few times and, since I had a ticket on record in Indiana and my car was out of inspection in PA I drove in that narrow band between “normal speedy” and “driving slow enough that no significant laws are being broken but fast enough that it doesn’t look like you’re trying to hide something”.  This was punctuated by driving across Ohio where the gas was cheap and the roads were barren.  The trade off was that all the rest stops were operated by attendants stunned by customers whose prose lacked elision.  Meh.

Through the drive I was listening to the 54 part series on the History of the United States.  I hit the war of 1812 as I stopped to pick up my rental car, I can’t wait to hear how it ends.  When I got home it looked like someone had broke in and cleaned the ground floor, baked an angel food cake, used the pool table, and somehow emptied the well.  Looks like someone had a party.  Based on the 3 full recyclables container and empty well, a very active party.