What If We Had a Tournament and Nobody Came?

9:00 AM – Deck list built, tweaking tweaking full tilt, lacking guilt over the time I usually losing putting together a pile but a while I wonder if these hours hurs stew wasted as my attending ilk crush me on the thin carpet of competition.

12:30 PM – dash off a DM to a SM with a question about a meeting this PM where I’ll see ‘im if the tourney is short as I won’t abort sporting time with my Magic cohort.

Around 1:45 I arrive at the Doylestown dive (actually far from) to where I’ve come to play 5-C but I see only Mikey there, the time’s square, and after all I did to prepare to get people this seems a hint unfair, and in a worn black metallic folding chair I’ll wait.

Time ticks just Mike and I flipping cards, time still stick ticking as I sit thinking, dicking with magnets (god those things are fun) as I try to remember the crazy chick Mike told me about.  Hexagon on hexagon spun into soccer balls which we crush by seconds gone, the day ends 4-4, a tie but I feel we’ve both lost.  The icosohedron is gone as my numb magnet plunker fumbles and patiences lapses as the pseudosphere collapses.  Time to go home.