Beating the Prep Clock

Making a tart tatin is by no means hard, but I was initially thrown off by the 60 minute prep time.  Normally, the actual prep time for me is 150% to 250% of the prep time stated and the cook time is 10-20% more but after executing the recipe I had 40 minutes left on my prep clock and I pumped my fist in triumph.  At Teejay’s I debuted my tart and served its puff pastry covered goodness with ice cream.  Val looked at me and said “this is good, I like that the peels were left on”.  Peels left on…. hm…. as the conversation continued I drifted off wondering if the recipe did call for peeled apples.  I broke down and brought up Epicurious on my phone: “7-9 peeled Gala apples” laughed at me.

Need to prepare a recipe faster?  Skip steps.