Useful Scout Skills

I visited one of the troops for which I commission this evening and was asked to sit on a board of review for a Scout going for Tenderfoot.  I started with my standard “which superpower would you rather have: unlimited desserts for personal consumption or the ability to get a good seat.” as with most people under 15, he chose the dessert option.  My follow-up question was “do you have any examples of using something you learned in Scouting in the rest of your life?”

Kid:  Yes, I’ve used first aid a lot.
Me: Can you be more specific?
Kid:  It’s good to know how to apply a big bandage one-handed like after you cut yourself.
Me: When did this happen?
Kid:  A few times at summer camp.
Me: How about using a skill you learned in Scouting outside of Scouting?
Kid:  *silence* Can’t think of anything.

The BSA publishes statistics on how many Scouts use their skills to save a life, I always figured a good number of those were due to Scouting events.  Really seems like they’re stacking the deck.