Headphone Underground

Since I returned to work I’ve been obstinate in my right to have autonomy of sound.  I turn off radios, wear headphones where allowed, or just start singing or humming if there’s a machine generating a constant pitch but the Process Development Lab’s strict “No Headphones” policy coupled with its multi-room radio system has proven a challenge.  The multi-ton extrusion and industrial press machines both generate respectable Ds so I usually hum tunes with my monotone partner but today I ran into another technician and found him wearing headphones:

Me: I didn’t think you were allowed to wear headphones.
Him: We’re not, but no one’s ever directly told me and I’ve never been caught.
Me: How long have you been doing this?
Him: Since July.
Me: What’s your secret?
Him: Use white earbuds, they blend in with the lab coats and when wearing a hear net, thread the earbud near the back of your neck and then around to your ear.

Sadly his boss came back from a meeting early and he was discovered.  He lost the battle, but we shall win the war.