Skill Regression

The current set of tasks my technical team is doing could be relegated to second graders (assuming they had GMP certification) as it largely consists using the industrial analogs of masking tape, construction paper, paste, cling wrap and wax paper to make a product so one’d assume it’d be easy.  Hell no. There’s something hypnotic about such simple materials that drive men and women with advanced degrees and experiencing fashioning turbine blades and heart valves to madness and every 20 minutes we managed to find a new way to cock up our current 4 step process.  People got pieces stuck to themselves, applied the same step twice, put stuff on backwards, and in a particularly inspired moment never actually adhered the layers of the product together.

I requested that we contact my elementary school art teacher, Mr. Fell, to come in and give us a primer on the latest in felt, pipe cleaner, and glue stick technology before we start the next phase of the project.