Spray of Irony

Sprays are a way of marking an area in a video game with a graphic.  They can include catch phrases, avatars, jokes, pictures of naked ladies, and the ubiquitous stream of anime references which mark the net.  I can’t stand these and consider it the equivalent of jamming a “I’d Rather Be Fishing” sticker on an Ansel Adams panoramic and on a recent thread where people were posting theirs I included the following:

“As per my position on sprays, I use the following:


Some people posted “ha ha” and “funny” at the blank image I posted but someone didn’t quite figure it out and I got a message from a community:


I’m trying to look at your spray but all I can see is a blank space.  I don’t think people would have found it funny if it were empty and reinstalling my browser didn’t do anything.  Can you send me the original?”

Kodiak Bear Swim 2.0…