Soda Can Stove

As my special addition to tonight’s roundtable I built a soda can stove that looked something like this:

Courtesy of... some other web page

You put fuel in the bottom, a little in the top, and light the top.  This heat vaporizes the stuff inside and you get a neat and surprisingly functional burner.  I did the same and tested one a few times and it worked quite well, but I built another as mine was made of Budweiser cans and I didn’t want to bring that to a Scouting event.  The new one was slightly taller which was apparently enough to get it to not light when I did the demo.  I manipulated the can and found a hole had formed from which fuel was leaking which immediately ignited in the pie plate I was doing the demo.  Luckily, this generated enough heat to get the vaporizing going and the stove was ablaze.  I like the idea of being able to kick a stove or otherwise cause a fuel spill to get it to work.