Bonfire 2010

I can’t stand people drolly watching television but I have no qualms about plopping people around a fire in the cold with no other forms of communication besides talk.  Well…. there were a few other:

ENTER – My Brother

Apparently, since time immemorial by brother has taken to disposing of his beer bottles by throwing them onto the top of the trailers in the fire lot.  One scores a point by heaving a bottle onto the roof and having it stay there without falling.  Only two points were scored that evening.

A friend of mine had come up from Virginia and brought himself some whiskey.  He fell backwards off of the cinder block on which he was sitting and my brother sprung to action.
Ryan: You know what they do when they train a horse?
Guest: No.
Ryan: If you fall of, you get back on.
Guest: Ok.  I’d like a hand.
Ryan:  You get back onto that block, and kick it’s ass!

The end of evening, on my brother’s way out, he looked at my guest and said “You’ve tamed the block”.

I had far more food than I needed and re-discovered something I learned a while ago: When it’s cold out, people don’t like getting up and tend to eat less.  The exceptions to this were the hot dogs that we found legion ways to roast, marshmallows (but not any of the other s’more pieces) and interestingly enough Cheetos.

I look forward to having more.