DVD Drop

Ken was already awake and had searched for his lost keys for several hours by the time I woke up about eight hours after the campfire ended.  He sat politely in the kitchen and watched my house wake up as he waited for a tow truck to take his car to the dealership so that it could be re-keyed.  Kyle came over and the three of us shared a mediocre breakfast at Erwin’s Country Kitchen where the best feature was a sign that read “Attention Parents: Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy”.  I dropped Ken off at the dealership and then moved to check off my next To Do item list of giving my DVD collection to Ockanickon.

There was a time when I watched movies or at least there was a time when I bought them.  I had a peculiar notion of how to build my library in that each time I watched a movie I bought two more so that my options would grow as I consumed films.  While a nice idea this proves a fantastic way to burn through money, space, and time of which each is precious so I simply stopped buying DVDs all together except for some TV stuff.  And with the depositing of four boxes, my movie collection from 2002-2007 was gone.

Next on the chopping block: Books or Magic cards, not sure which.