Door Kick as a Conversation Starter

I knew today was going to be a long day with a 12-16 hour work day followed by a Scout function.  The evening meeting was a Council Meeting that was somehow changed to a Council Executive Board Meeting without anyone having been told and apparently the press was going to be there.  The reporter stuck out like a sore thumb as she was the only one to not know the Scout Oath or Law and about two hours in she left of boredom.  The reason we thought we were there wasn’t discussed and I felt like a lot of my time had been wasted.  I don’t get angry much, but this was one of those cases and while walking out I kicked the door open.  I’m pretty sure I had sent the impulse to my hand to open it, but that wasn’t fast enough so my foot entered service.

Within 24 hours, a good number of people called me to ask why I was mad and to explain what happened and why.  I’m glad I now know and am left with the lesson that I need to have temper tantrums more often.