Photos at Work

Method development is usually a dull exercise is formulating rigorous text excised of cliche, figure of speech, or even simple terms as “paper towel” is replaced with “highly bibulous sopping paper”.  Recently, methods have been adding pictures to instruct the operator who may or may not speak English and I’ve jumped on the opportunity to do shoots, having been victim to ambiguous photos myself, and as a way to practice.

Two days ago, someone notified me that he would like pictures taken the next day so I packed my camera and shooting equipment into work and set up a tiny studio consisting of a backdrop, camera, tripod,  c-stand, flash, umbrella, flash adapter, and a jig to avoid keystoning.  Yesterday I took pictures and today a coworker approached me:

Coworker: Where did you stow the camera equipment, I need to use it?
Me: At home.
Coworker: What did you take it home for?
Me: So I could use it.
Coworker: Why did you do that?
Me: Because it’s mine.
Coworker: Oh.  Well, do you think we could get a setup like that for under a few hundred dollars?

He didn’t like my laughter, but I think it answered his question.