A Scout is Creative

Troop 5 was having a pancake breakfast this morning and I was very impressed with how well laid out the church dining hall was.  Scouts in full uniform were collecting fees and tickets and yet more were pushing around carts offering drink refills and busing tables.  The older Scouts were around the fee table up front and were having an interesting conversation.

Scout 1: We could just shun them.
Scout 2: Nah, that wouldn’t change anything.
Scout 3: How about we recruit their friends?
Scout 2: Maybe.
Me: *interjecting* What are you guys talking about?
Scout 1: A guy left our troop to start his own and took a bunch of kids with him.  We’re planning on ways to get them back.
Me: That’s good of you.  What’s the best idea so far?
Scout 3: I think throwing burlap sacks over their heads during a meeting and dragging them back is a keeper.
Me: So abduction?
Scout 2: Yeah, pretty well.
Me: Carry on.