Certified Easy

I put together a presentation for Roundtable on using WordPress.com as a host for unit web pages.  I made a sample unit site in about 20 minutes over my lunch break and showed it to unit leaders along with a few other solutions but I think there as some lingering skepticism.

Scoutmaster: Sure, it’s easy for you, but how do we know it’s something we can figure out?
Me: Well, there’s a 97-year old woman who uses WordPress as her platform, she calls it her “web blob” and she figured it out.  There was a 108-year old person who blogs, but I think she used blogger, which is pretty similar.
Scoutmaster: She probably has someone to help her, we won’t have that crutch.
Me:  WordPress is easy enough that the OSR Camp Director maintains their web site.
Scoutmaster: You lie.  He doesn’t even like answering email.
Me: Hold on *log into camp wordpress install, opens edit log*  See:

Scoutmaster: I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.