Coldstone Dreams

I’m a firm believer that one can remake reality by consensus via an adult version of playing make believe.  Not in the formal sense that if we all think hard enough we can reverse gravity but that we can have tiny movie moments only requiring a polite nod.  I was at a Coldstone Creamery with some friends and some college hooligans were attempting to alternately distract, amuse, or hit on the female server.  I had ordered, so I returned to make a request:

Me: I’m going to ask you a question, I’d like to request you simply agree with it.
Server:  Ooooook.
Me: Have you ever had some hoodlum talk innuendo with and then ask something like “what’s your favorite flavor” with a wink or something and then reply by producing a can of mace?
Server: No…wait, yes, yes I have.
Me: Thank you.

One step at a time.