Snowblind Faith

A year or so ago the security chief at work was replaced and the new one has been really on top of snow delays generally posting building open delays the night before.  I checked the emergency line near midnight and the building was scheduled to be open on time meaning the plows would be running overnight.  I came into work today and the parking lot was a mess and the walk was unsalted.  Only around 9 did people start coming in as the building had a 2 hour delay notice that had been posting this morning, so I talked to the head of security.

Me: When did the delayed open go out?
Security Chief: 5 AM this morning.
Me: Why not the day before?
Security Chief: It was actively snowing so we weren’t sure if we’d do a delay or a close.  Besides, what idiot would drive in under the conditions we had this morning?
Me: Yeah, what idiot.