Sled Race Concerns

Tonight was the last roundtable for which I was the district roundtable co-chair and the theme was communication and I had assembled a pile or resources from camp school and the web on how to talk with teenage boys.  I was about to get to the topic when someone asked “how will the sled race at the Klondike be done?”

Me: Well, I thought it’d be appropriate if the sled race were done with fully packed sleds.
Leader 1: Kids cheat, you’d have to inspect the sleds before and after.
Leader 2: That’s ridiculous.
Me: Yeah.
Leader 2: The inspectors might have a vested interest so we should weigh them.
Me: Woah, what happened to a Scout is trustworthy?  Are there any concerns with racing full sleds?
Leader 3: Safety.  Things could fall off and kids could get hurt.
Me: So, no one has a problem with racing with full sleds assuming we inspect them?
All: Nope.

Scouting: because fun and injury aren’t mutually exclusive.