Marginalia gives life and depth to an otherwise stale work and Wikipedia generates the stuff in buckets.   <NOTE>I don’t normally use the break tag, but the ensuing content is something I’m entirely used to from work that you may not be, so I figured I’d put a nice shield in here for the less curious.</NOTE>
Take for instance the Spanish Wikipedia article on analingus.  It contains an amazing image of a gal getting a rimjob which looks very close to someone screaming a really funny joke into her ass.  This image is used across many of the language versions of the page and I’d like to think the artist is the premiere wiki artist for lesbian sex.  I hope he got a certificate for this, signed by Jimmy Wales, and I hope it’s on his refrigerator; he deserves it.  Follow this up with the simple English article for the buttocks.  In that article is butt picture that looks respectable, but on inspect shows that there’ve been some revisions made.  I first want to know who pops their head off their pillow and says “today, I will give the slow-minded and non-native English speakers of the world a better reference picture of the butt.”  Second, I wonder if this was a personal challenge of “my butt’s better than that.  If I get the right lighting, my rump will rule the wikiscape.”