Ryan’s Wedding Rehearsal

My brother gets married tomorrow to someone he’s been dating for at least five years, leading me to respond “yes, you fool” in response to “did you think your brother would ever settle down?”  In fact, the wedding seems to be the penultimate step as he and his fiance own a house together and even more damning, a cat.  The ceremony is to be officiated by the mother of one of Ryan’s friends and when he was a much slimmer man she was a much larger woman for reasons I assume were medical.  During the practice exchange of rings she stood in the center while Ryan and Amanda were off to each side until the ring was placed and the two stepped closer together.  In a moment, the bright garb of the pastor was completely blocked out by my brother’s dark-clothed frame and I began laughing.  Some looked at me quizzically and I just pointed to the alter and said “eclipse”.

Later on at the rehearsal dinner my brother gave his members of the bridal party a top-shelf alcohol of their preference and engraved SOG pocket tools.  Knives and alcohol, that can’t end poorly.