Ryan’s Wedding

My brother got married today.  I don’t know if I believe the hype that it’s “the happiest day of his life” but I’d like to think that the day confirmed the happiness Amanda and Ryan have inspired in each other.  Trying to paint a narrative would be foolish, so here are my notes:

  • The photographer didn’t gel any of his flashes even though he was dealing with dusk light, incandescent light, and his flash.  His photoshop-fu is strong.
  • The first four songs played at the reception were “Stuck in the Middle with You”, “Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson”, “1234” and part of “Good Riddance”.  Someone should shoot the DJ.
  • Deejaying is much less impressive when one uses a laptop and there are no physical media to manipulate.  I think there should either be totemic discs somewhere or just a touchscreen to queue up songs.
  • Suspenders fall into toilets too easily.
  • Me: Blessed are the teetotalers, for they shall spoil the world’s parties.  My Aunt: I’ll drink to that.
  • Amanda Dilks is now Amanda Robinson and I now have a sister-in-law.  Which just sounds weird to say.
  • There’s a bit of a disagreement over who married into who’s family.  Amanda’s side outnumbers my brother’s but we have the edge in size and firepower.