Spelling My Damn Name

“Terri” pops up in emails from time to time as something addressed to me.  I didn’t say anything until this failure to correct resulted in a store not letting me in as the attendant was expecting a woman to be knocking just after closing.  My first tactic was going to be end with “Please note I spell my name with a Y” which I was told was tooly.  I proposed to add “Innocent mistake” but that is apparently toolier yet.  I looked over the email and since she was sending to a list, maybe the sender missed my spelling so I resorted to rhetoric:

“Sandy, thank you for including me in your deliberations about the events at Churchville Nature Center and after looking over the proposal I said to myself “Terry, is this something you want to be involved in?”  “of course, Terry”, I replied to myself.  “This is something Terry would like”.


Terry   Robinson

I think adding the extra spaces between my given name and surname let it breath a bit, so maybe she picked up on it aromatically.