Washington’s Crossing Photoshoot

I was photographically out of shape for my brother’s wedding and today was an attempt to rise at dawn to train.  Sam Lodise, Joe Naylor, and I went to Washington’s Crossing Historical Park and had in our head the idea that we were going to collect volleys of photons projected through high quality glass and polycarbonate plastic in such a way that our memory cards would explode with awesomeness.  We made a critical mis-calculation in that there isn’t really anything to see at Washington’s Crossing.  Below is the best picture I took on site:


Yep, it's a door. But a tonemapped HDR door.

I say with confidence, that this picture is one of the top five door pictures I’ve ever taken. Next we went to Bowman’s Hill Tower, which was closed, and then I got a picture of a 1/4 mile length of the Delaware Canal that was frozen over.  The frozen picture is un-remarkable, but I’m happy with a shot of Joe I got.


I used the sun as a hot light and the atmosphere as a bit of a soft box. Â That's planning.

We stopped chasing the dream of finding something interesting along the canal and first went to an incredibly crowded IHOP and then a not at all crowded Red Robin.  We agreed to go to Longwood Gardens sometime in the spring and Sam and I stopped to take pictures of ducks after dropping off Joe.



There are mornings where joggers don’t want to get out and jog because the weather sucks, one didn’t sleep well, or one just doesn’t want to jog, but one goes out anyway.  Today was the photographic equivalent of that.