Managing Color Spaces

On export, Lightroom has been performing a consistent color shift which makes all people photographed appear to have rosacea.  Tonight I set about figuring out why and emerged triumphant:

Lightroom takes in RAW images and runs its rendering to present to you a picture in Develop Mode.  AWESOME!  BUT, in Library mode it uses AdobeRGB for previews as well as Develop thumbnails.  In Web and Slideshow it uses sRGB as that’s the most common on the web and on print it uses whatever you specify.  I understand the logic of this and now know that I need to set my export options to compensate but at least give me the option to change this.  IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and probably Opera and Konqueror all accept color profiles so I don’t see why the sRGB default.  Or at least I didn’t until I uploaded something to Facebook which strips away profiles on upload.  It appears the pull of the Zuckerbeast is more powerful than all modern browsers simultaneously entering the 21st century.