Sock Testing

In 2007, I began the great underwear search and after starting with 12 different pairs, concluded that UnderArmour standard length were the appropriate pair for me and I’ve never looked back.  A little bit later, I purchased 8 of the same blue shirt which I’ve worn since and now my socks have come under the microscope as all my socks start to cause blisters after 3.5 or more miles at 3.2 MPH or faster on my treadmill.  I’ve purchased a dozen pairs in different lengths, fibers, and types and have started my next bout of experiment which explains why you may not see my socks match.  Originally, I was going to go for statistical rigor with a confidence level of 95% but this would have necessitated 10 years to finish assuming I did one challenge a day.

So far removed:

*Army Surplus polypro sock, bare
*Crew length  100% cotton  Sock Lady of Furlong sock
*Standard length 100% cotton Sock Lady of Furlong sock

Next up: Thorlo Wool Hiking Sock vs. UnderArmour Tactical poly sock