Bakepocalypse Wuss Wound

Recipes are more like dance steps than a wrestling match as failure is instant and total but attempts are repeatable.  Repetition is rewarded with the deep secrets of tender yet flaky biscuits or in my case moist yet non-doughy cookies which I’ve determined exists in an approximately 45 second window in this particular recipe.  I doubled the batch size, assembled the ingredients and set about making two pineapple upside down cakes while the cookies were being prepared and after setting the fudge aside to cool.  Somehow in the cycle of remove sheet pan-rotate-replace-put to counter top I injured my back.  This wouldn’t be exceptional except that during the previous weekend I re-arranged my Scout equipment in the attic, a vastly more taxing act, in my opinion.

As I sat holding my lower back I realized that I’ve only injured my back doing incredibly lame things.  Here baking, previously sorting books (when a week earlier I had to physical do the moving between my room and attic) and in my best instance, while getting out of the shower.  Maybe I should stick to things at either end of the activity spectrum of either throwing cinder blocks or laying myself down on the couch, reading Redbook and sipping ginger ale.