Web Page, Now

Crappy web pages over which I have dominion don’t just annoy me, they gnaw at my soul.  Each time an crappy UI or non-standard implementation of a tool is required, I feel that somewhere, a member of ICANN or the W3C cries a little and I feel responsible.  For the last two months, Team Interrobang used phpBB3 as its forum software and WordPress as its front end and, while  I absolutely adore WordPress, phpBB is a well intentioned pile of PHP, spit and duct tape.  This experiment was such a farce that I’m starting  a campaign to ignore Rev 4 of teaminterrobang.com and convince people that it just took us two longs months to switch from Joomla! to vBulletin and have posted such repeatedly.  Someone picked up on my attempted whitewash and replied to my statement that we’d never used phpBB with “We‘ve Always Been at War with Eastasia“.

Culturally aware bastard.