Non-Continuous Foods

Instantaneous anger of the esoteric could be considered my bailiwick as I’ve gotten angry over corn napkins, the pronunciation of pagan holidays, photosynthesis and now most recently the discrete nature of most foods. Sticking to “stop eating when you reach a point where you won’t be hungry again for a bit” has helped but has led to some odd portion sizings and today I got mad that I couldn’t have 4.5 chicken strips and 2/3rds of an orange as that would be my target portion size for a lunch. Going from having 21 tater tots to 18 was fine but 12 to 9 was much more noticeable despite being the same absolute gap. I can’t have a 1.5 egg breakfast sandwich but 2 is too much and 1 is too few so I’ve switched from sausage to bacon to pork roll and back to bacon after the chef at work started giving me double slices. I ordered a chicken salad last week and wanted 6 oz of chicken not 5 or 8 and upon going with the 5 had some salad left over as I hadn’t considered that’d I’d receive enough croutons to build a small bunker. Foods more amenable to continuous change tend to be grains that tend to put me to sleep or liquids which leads to weird cases where Max gets 2 of my 12 oz of corn chowder soup.

Strangely, other things ignore this trend as while I can limit myself to 3 Oreos at the end of dinner, I’ve not been able to master only having 4 Fig Newtons. I’m pretty good with having 3 oz of cheese but having 2 oz of corn chips proves elusive. So there is my first-world-problem temper tantrum of the week.