Background Music

Sometimes I yell things at OA Executive Board meetings and this sometimes gets me into trouble.   At one meeting earlier in the lodge year someone mentioned that the lodge wouldn’t be having a chapter video competition so there’d be no videos at the lodge banquet to which I responded “Oh, there will be videos”. That turned into me challenging Brendan MacDonald to video contest. Tomorrow is the banquet so I started working on mine which was going to be an educational video about the power of the OA sash.

My first step was to find background music, preferably something with pizzicato strings a la 1950s educational music and found this:

I wanted something more like the background music here:

And finally, Steve pointed me to this:

Which was near perfect.

Along the way, I found that educational video is a thriving industry with its line musicians, sellouts and mavericks.

I had allotted six hours to the task and I’d blown 3.5 looking for background music and a 1950s style font.  Progress.