Perspective from the Carpet

I’m lying on my back staring up at the ceiling from the floor of my office.  Well, not directly from the floor of my office as there is a chair back between myself and the worn green carpet I received for my 19th birthday but my posture is near perfectly supine except for the intercession of the seat pan.  I was talking with a friend who wasn’t quite sure what to do next when a gust of gravity induced a structural crisis of confidence in the chair leg that was almost totally bearing my weight due to my tendency to prop myself up on a single caster by putting my feet under two of the legs and lean back.   The snap was loud and pure and, due to my usage of wireless headphones, the whole process was beautifully transmitted as had been my previous overwrought point about the flawed assumptions in most life advice from third parties.  My ears rang and were then filled with the laughter of my interlocutor.

I think we both needed the interruption.