The Flight Home

Steve and I received about four hours of sleep and his wife graciously offered to drive us to the airport where they’d stay in the Phoenix area and visit family.  I slept on the ride to the airport, I slept on the flight home, I slept on the train ride to Trevose, and I nearly slept through a nicely priced dinner with Mike Noble.  So, as a cap on the event, I’ve listed some of the odd things said in the car over the 2000 mile drive and some other notes.

  • On the flight to Cleveland, I sat behind my first college English teacher.
  • Steve on the way to La Verne: Really?  A Monster energy drink sticker across your window and a spoiler on a Nissan Lancer.  I guess your car is powered by douche.
  • Steve on hearing child whining at McDonalds: Kids use the whistle register.  Adults don’t, well, except Maria Carey, but adults don’t.
  • While Steve and I were trying to stock up on drinks while waiting for Eddie to call us back.  The sign of the store in question was blocked by the “what’s in this shopping center” listing.
    Steve: I think that was a supermarket.  Well, at least it has “sup” and “ket” which is pretty certainly a supermarket.
    Me: It could be something else.  Like Support Blanket.
    steve: Or Super Meerkat.
    Me: I’d take that.
  • On the way to San Pedro from La Verne after realizing we’d be eating lunch and dinner very close together:
    Me: Are you comfortable with having two meals in 2 hours?
    Steve: Hell yes.  Why? Aren’t you?  You don’t have enough room for it, fatty?
    Me: But where are you going to fit it.
    Steve:  In my ripped guns.  I got two for a reason.
  • On the incredibly straight road to Socorro, NM
    Me: Wow, Steve.  You get like 48 MPG, I averaged like 35.  It’s almost like there’s a switch that lets your car go the same speed without touching it.  And the road is really straight or something.  I think I have enough rope in my photo bag to lash your steering wheel in one position.  “Wow, how did you and Steve wake up before 6 and go to bed after 12 for three days?”  “We took naps while driving” “You mean you took turns?” “Nope”.
  • On the road to Socorro after the VLA:
    Steve: *looks at hitch hiker* Nah, not feeling it.
    Me: Do you ever?  I think my deal maker would be if I had a truck or something else with a physical barrier and if he had a dog.
    Steve: He looks like a smoker.
    Me: Yeah, that’d get to me.
    Steve: No, not cigarette smoker, L4D2 smoke.  Had the hoodie and everything.
  • I don’t talk to people on airplanes.  I don’t know why.  I think it’s because I can’t physically move away much if something goes wrong.