Angry Letter Disappointment

During the bustle of my camera bag again being flagged for dissection by the TSA on the way home from Phoenix, I lost track of my Fitbit which had been loaded into one of three screening bins and it never made its way back to my pocket.  I wasn’t going to pay $115 for a new one and after having a morning where I made no progress on my work project I fired off a letter to Fitbit.  I mentally prepared for the phone conversation when they declined my request for a free replacement; after all the prostoletyzing I had done for them, how I was an early adopter, and, oh, by the way, how their little device couldn’t possibly cost $115 and must be mostly for the back end stuff,  I was ready for a fight, and if I won or lost I was going to feel good.

Later that day, I got a response of “replacement will be issued within 24 hours and should arrive in 5-8 days”.  After I had spent a whole afternoon planning on getting angry the jerks reply with quality customer service in a timely fashion.  The nerve.

[Editor’s note: I’ve come to learn that recently some people think things like the line above are to be taken literally, e.g. I was angry I didn’t get into a fight.  They are not.  It is a commentary on the humorous reversal of me being prepared for a cliche battle with customer support and it’s avoidance through Fitbit’s quality response and only the momentary hint of disappoint at not being able to argue being replaced with a much better outcome.  Thank you.]