Signs of Letting Go

Most of today went into a long day at Job #1 followed by doing some pre-preparations for my weekend trip to New York and a short social outing.  Around 2 AM I approached my bed and felt terror like I had forgotten to do something and found nothing after going through my email inbox, my task list and even checking my bank web pages to make sure some due date hadn’t passed without me noticing.  As a last effort, I checked the district web page and noticed tonight had been the District Committee Meeting to which I had no longer reason to attend.  They were probably going over Pinewood Derby prep in which I had no hand and Spring Camporee operations about which I didn’t even know the theme.

A month and a half ago I was running a 400-person Klondike Derby and today I was “just doing other things”.  Scouting was something whose egress I was worried would linger on for a while with a continual feeling of guilt about abandoning it and constant reminders of what I could be doing.  I’m glad that hasn’t been the case and life moves on.