Catching Directions

Troubleshooting a particular work device has been complicated by the fact that there is no documentation for the many valves, manifolds, redirection paths, and flow meters within the device and proper flow is impossible to determine as a T-intersection may have lateral flow either because it’s supposed to or because the base of the T is blocked off.  Today, I found the website for one of the valve manufacturers who had been bought and now operated under a different name but no valve diagram existed.  After googling the firm, I found out they had a youtube channel and on a lark played one of the vidoes where I was astonished to find that the diagram I needed flashed by in the background during the closing.  By screencapping the movie when the needed frame appeared I was able to get the basic flow information for at least one of the valves.

Getting the right screen cap took a few tries and I’m pretty sure my coworkers thought I was playing a game as they heard catchy music and me yelling “damn it!” repeatedly.