The Proof of the Geek Cred is in the Fronting

Boss stops me while I walking around the building wearing a pair of bluetooth headphones like these:

My phat cans

Boss: Terry, did you ever see Episode 5?
Me: Empire Strikes Back?  The scientifically best movie of the series?  The one where story-telling is brought to a high art and the idea of not telling the audience everything builds a richness that compels us through as everything breaks down for the heroes.
Boss: The ones with Billy D Williams.
Me: As Lando Calrissian, former swashbuckler now turncoat who operates Cloud City, a Bespin gas mining operation.
Boss: And that guy who was with him.
Me: Lobot, chief administrator and computer-liason officer for Cloud City played by John Hollis.
Boss: You look like that guy.  So you’ve seen the movie?
Me: Once or twice.